Getting Organised

What started as a mission to get myself and my family more organised has turned into a very fun project.

I have found so many things on different blogs on how to get yourself organised that I was spending more time reading about it than actually doing it.

So I decided to start by doing my very own organizer. The shop-bought ones seem so cold and un-personal. Yes you could brighten up the pages with some colored tape and pens, even stickers, but that would fix only the inside. I wanted something unique.

It turned out to be much simpler than I thought it would be, and it has been fun.

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Worm Farms (Vermicomposting)

One of our first Green Living projects was to start a worm farm.

Some of the advantages of a worm farm are:

  • It’s a disposal mechanism for most of your kitchen scraps
  • The earthworms turn the scraps into a rich compost
  • Moisture from the process drains through to provide “worm tea”. Worm tea is a liquid fertiliser that is extremely high in nutrients.

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