Our dream

Why bother blogging about all this stuff?

Well, we share a dream that we hope will inspire other people to undertake similar steps to improving the world around them.


What we hope to achieve:

We might not achieve them all, certainly not immediately, but our plans are to at least try:

  • Remove our dependance on “The Grid” as much as possible
  • Implement cost-effective projects to be more self-sustainable, green, holistic and eco-friendly
  • Share our trials and errors with other like-minded people
  • Build awareness of the simplicities and intricacies of sustainable living
  • Explore cost-effective, environmentally friendly building options
  • Explore and implement efficient water-usage options
  • To grow, as far as possible, our own food
  • Do all this from a South African perspective

We plan on sharing the challenges we have faced.

Yes, but why ANOTHER green blog?

A simple internet search will churn out scores of DIY, farming, permaculture, eco-friendly websites, blogs and resources. They often have a few things in common:

  • They are based overseas – great, but climate, laws, and resources are often not applicable
  • They seem to have limitless resources behind them – not everyone in the real world does
  • Money does not seem to be a challenge – importing, fancy equipment, the-best-of-the-best is not within reach of the majority of South(ern) Africans, and perhaps the majority of the world

We would like to join the ranks of those few and far between that want to get back to basics. Away from the corporate rush, commercialism and psychologial beurocrasy that typically removes us from our families, brainwashes our freedom of choice and instills a fear of the unknown.


Our inspiration comes from various sources such as permaculture sites, earthships, homesteading, sustainability sites, and not least – the plight of our planet and its inhabitants. With the world expanding so rapidly and resources shrinking drastically the two are working toward a scary future.

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