About Green Life Sanctuary

What do you get when you take a family replete with diverse interests, mix in a healthy portion of compassion for the earth and it’s inhabitants, and add a smattering of ADHD-like tendencies? To discover the answer, Green Life Sanctuary was created.

With a healthy disliking for urban living, and a range if interests including various forms of art, DIY, crafts, music, cooking, gardening, animals, heirloom vegetable growing, eco-friendly living, and many more, we share many passions. Despite, and possibly because of, the diversity we generally get on quite well with each other!

In addition to the human kids, the fur-babies include: Cats – all “throw-aways” that have found a forever-home (Rosy, Shadow, Dusty, Toothless, Patches, Val, Mouse, Squirt, Mittens, Jemima, Snowball, Marmalade, Rambo and Valentine), dogs (Teddy, Scooby, Wendy, Luka, Ranger, Lola and Mae), our cows (Reds and her daughter Tessa), and the pigs (Francis and Butch). Non-fur babies include lizards (Brutus and Pikkie), birds (Monty and the odd recovering rescue), tenrec (Butler), a composting worm farm, three geese, lots of chickens (honestly I haven’t tried to count them recently!) and a smidgen of comets in the reservoir.

It makes sense that this hodgepodge be hosted away from distractions, pollution, and the “limit” in “city limits”. We originally rented a 100+ year old farm house located on a six-hectare small-holding from a family member. The house had the luxury of space and the limitation of ancient wiring, mortar and piping. When the opportunity came up, we made the rather daring move to buy the neighboring five hectare plot of land. And that is where this story begins.

We hope that what we learn on this journey can somehow inspire, guide, teach, and motivate someone, somewhere to try something new to help save the world. One project at a time.

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