We hear all about the 4th Industrial Revolution nowadays. Some say its here, some say its coming. Irrespective, none of the big revolutions have been good for the earth.

Only humanity has benefited. The earth has suffered more and more. Consider that something can only revolve so many times before it gets back to it’s beginning point. Unless it’s a spiral. Revolutions will not get us back to what we have lost. If the Revolutions then are a spiral, they are trending down, never meeting the beginning point. They certainly aren’t taking the earth to a better place. We will not get back what we have lost as a result. We will not resurrect the ecosystems, extinct animals, polluted landscapes… But there will be a tipping point. Technology is great; we learn more, share more, connect more, but we cannot eat or drink it. Advances in mechanisation, commercialisation of food sources, artificial replacements for plant nutrients, massive-scale poisoning to rid the earth of the unwanted plants competing with commercialised crops, speeding up growth, unnatural hybridisation… None of these take us on an upward spiral. As long as we rely on the technologies of the each of the Revolutions, we will one day look at a picture on our technological devices and wonder, dream, reflect, but never again experience the wonder of nature in its current form, never mind that of 300 years ago. Despite this, ironically (cosmic?), I doubt we will easily let go of what the four Revolutions have given us. We benefit emotionally, while ignoring the plight of that which sustains us physically, spiritually AND emotionally. We would have to make a huge sacrifice to halt the downward spiral, or risk sacrificing everything to creature comforts.

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