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What started as a mission to get myself and my family more organised has turned into a very fun project.

I have found so many things on different blogs on how to get yourself organised that I was spending more time reading about it than actually doing it.

So I decided to start by doing my very own organizer. The shop-bought ones seem so cold and un-personal. Yes you could brighten up the pages with some colored tape and pens, even stickers, but that would fix only the inside. I wanted something unique.

It turned out to be much simpler than I thought it would be, and it has been fun.

Now if you are into the do-it-yourself, here is how I did mine. You can play around with ideas and make it suit your personality (which is why I like it).

  • Fabric (enough to cover the book or binder )
  • Zipper or buttons *optional
  • Decorations (totally up to you)

Choose the fabric you want. I use mostly up-cycled old denim. Decide what you want your organizer to look like. I chose to make mine with a A5 size binder and a Hardcover notebook. As a mom I am always making notes of things I need to remember! I find the notebook helps with that, better than random pieces of paper.

I got a tad carried away while making these, so my pictures are not in sequence but i will try and explain to the best of my ability


Cut your pattern. I find it easy to use a quilter’s pen and draw the outline of the file or book on the fabric. That way you know where the hem should be. It is pretty straight forwards – you are cutting different sized rectangles depending on the size of your book and binder. I would suggest going for the same size in book and binder as it just makes it easier to work with.Decide whether or not you want a zipper opening or maybe just a button clasp. I prefer the zipper as I can have loose notes inside that won’t get lost, at least not until i have filed them. I am not talking about file 13, even though i am starting to wonder if i might have a mysterious ghost file in my house! You will need to cut 2 for the file size and 2 for the book size.

I started with the book cover. I halved the one rectangle so I have my inside cover and hemmed the two halves. Once I had that done I pinned the right sides together and sewed it together. Turn it right side out and that is it, you have your book cover.


Once done with the book I moved on to the file cover.


I decided to put a pocket on the front so I made that first. I wanted it to look like a denim pants back pocket so I designed it to look the same. The decorative stitch was a little harder than i was expecting as I have a very basic machine and I wasn’t going to do it by hand.


Pin the pocket in place on your outside fabric of your file cover and sew it on.

Next step will be to pin your fastner on. If you decide to do a button fastener then you will need to make a little lapel which will hold the button hole and decide where you want to place it. I used a zipper 80cm long so its just slightly bigger than my file. I opened the zipper up and pinned it in place around my outer fabric edge. Remember to pin it to the right side of the fabric because it is not nice when you have to unpick everything! Once you have that done, you measure your other file rectangle and split the rectangle in two. What I did was measure and saw where the clasps of the file was and cut it so the inner sleeves are open around it. I hemmed them both and pinned the small back piece on the main front piece and sewed it on. The bigger side I first measured where the clips are when it is closed and then placed the book cover in place making sure it does sit in the way of the clips. I made a little lapel on the the one to close the book and pinned it in place. Once I had everything placed it the right placed I sewed it on. With right sides together I attached the last inner sleeve to the outer.

And there you have a file organizer.

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